I own my Trespasses

If you cracked open my transgressions and saw their very core, I believe you would find in everything I have ever done wrong one common origin – the lust for control. It is the epicenter of my shame, insecurity, fear of failure, obsession with having a plan, my ache for answers, and my cheap attempts … More I own my Trespasses

Tired Eyes

  Some mornings you wake up so full of fear that Temptation doesn’t even have to show up for work that day. Other mornings you rise so full of courage and so thickly covered in the encouragement of yesterday’s communion with Hope that Temptation struggles to find a way into your heart that you have … More Tired Eyes

Silence of the Soul

Release• a complicated word, a hard task, completely contrary to our survival instinct [to remember everything and protect ourselves from future pain]. But it is ever so important. When the accumulation of our little worries is screaming in our heads, it is impossible to hear the whisper of a gentle and patient and often quiet … More Silence of the Soul

Forget the Monsters

[C•H•I•L•L] to be able to really relax, in a way that puts my soul to sleep; to numb the muscles that receive my worries; to forget about monsters {not made of the things of nightmares but of passing anxieties and the concerns that cross the mind in the dull moments of the day} waiting outside … More Forget the Monsters