Under the Shadow of Enormous Love


I truly feel that I am blessed and honored to know these two . I am, therefore, exceedingly grateful to have grown up under the shadow of their enormous love for one another. This morning I asked my dad which anniversary was his favorite and without hesitation he answered, “this one”. What an inspirational way to look at life. Everything I know about love, communication, and relationships came from this couple. They have helped me, mentored me, loved me, corrected me, challenged me, and changed me in more ways than I can name. They taught me that we could love each other just as much in our trailer in New Orleans as we do in several houses spread over several cities; that no matter where you go in life or how much money you have, you can always have love and togetherness if you work awfully hard for it; that sometimes climbing the corporate ladder will try to come between you and the ones you love-but you never let it win-that is not the way a family loves each other; that when it feels like it is harder to love your spouse than anyone else in the world, that in that very moment, that is when it is the most important thing you can do; and that to represent Christ is to simply and humbly and oh so gently love each other and pray that your love will spread to everyone around you and will help them know that they are not alone. Mom & Dad, you have done all of that for all of the days that I have known you. Happy 32nd Anniversary. You deserve each other and all the happiness you can stand.

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