“God Gives” us our Trials


We passed a street near our house yesterday called “Dieu Donne” and I asked Jake what it meant in French. He told me “God gives.” Since then I have been pondering the gifts I have been given. For me – for this moment- I think the most valuable gift I have come to possess is trial. This season of movement and change and of living in the constant company of the unknown has, admittedly, not been easy; nor do I think that I have been handling it with a single ounce of gracefulness. All the same, I have grown to feel appreciation for the strain and discomfort that have been my closest friends as of late. It has kept me alert and ever on the tips of my toes, always looking for the signs of settlement and normalcy. It is with longing and openness that I have come to face the world each day. And for that gift of vexation, I am exceedingly thankful.

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