Broken and Repaired Again


There is not enough time in the day to truly meditate on the ways we have been broken and repaired again in a constant cycle since the beginning of our time on this earth. How into darkness God spoke light and life and gave his character to the trees and to all the creatures of the planet and when he finished, he deemed them good. How into that goodness He created men, the betrayers, and said about us that we were pleasing to Him. How after the apple and the kiss and the crow, when mankind was in its most broken state – the creator became the mediator and mended us all. How when I fail and fail again, the Author writes for me a happy ending that I do not deserve and could never repay. If He doesn’t heal, He comforts; and if He doesn’t comfort, He teaches; and no matter how we destroy ourselves and our chances for a better life, the repairer of hearts and souls that would otherwise be utterly lost, has mercy on us all. Thanks be to God.

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