These things I have spoken unto you

“These things I have spoken unto you,” [I have spent the entirety of your life developing a relationship with you that allows you to glimpse my glory and hear my voice in your hour of need] “that in me ye might have peace.” [the plans I have in mind for you are perfect and good and it gladdens my heart when you feel confident and safe in my will] “In the world ye shall have tribulation:” [they will tell you that you are not good enough, that you are not qualified for this or that, that you are going nowhere, that you are a lost cause] “but be of good cheer;” [do not waver in your belief in me. Do not let them tell you who you are. Child, you are mine and the rest is completely forgiven] “I have overcome the world.” [although at this time, I allow the fallen to rule my earth, I have paid the debt and purchased the souls that inhabit my father’s land. You know how this story ends…we have the victory. Until then-Haters gonna hate. Love them anyway. Bake it off.] JOHN16:33 [mattie edition]

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