Tired Eyes


All Sons and Daughters

Some mornings you wake up so full of fear that Temptation doesn’t even have to show up for work that day. Other mornings you rise so full of courage and so thickly covered in the encouragement of yesterday’s communion with Hope that Temptation struggles to find a way into your heart that you have not covered with the armor of Promise. And so he makes you tired. Peering through sleepy eyes you make your best effort to find Peace where you have met Him everyday. But tired eyes can’t see the light and the slumbering mind can’t hear conviction through the fog of exhaustion. Wipe your eyes and find a way to start the day fresh. If you are fatigued, take heart, you are very likely overcoming your fear. For it is easier to awaken the body to face the day with zeal than it is to awaken the spirit to face the day with bravery. You are already almost there. Don’t let the sleep get you down.

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