Let the Past Sleep

Oswald Chambers

The powerful thing about redemption is that it is contagious. Standing on the promise of a brighter day, is the perfect place to view the darkness that covers the faces of our neighbors. They are desperate, like you, and yearning to make use of past failures. We are so often guilty of believing that two roads diverge in the wood of our mistakes; the road to forgetting our roots (and how they tripped us) and the road to the prison whose bars are made of choices we once made. Today, a third road appeared to me and it is paved with sacrifice. “Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the bosom of Christ.” Don’t throw history away at the first scent of second chances- it brought you such a long way, after all. And don’t let yesterday’s wrongs keep you chained to ground in the middle of today’s promised land. Let Redemption use the road He took to get you here as a path for the ones that follow in your unfortunate footsteps. Turn around and reach out to someone near you or let them fall into the same traps that you fell into and do nothing at all to same them because you are too busy saving yourself. Choose carefully.

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