Are you the Wolf?

Hillsong United

You always think you are going to be one of the three little pigs in the story of old. That you will be safe inside your house, minding your own business when big bad things come to your door and taunt you with breath of astronomical strength. But what if you are the wolf? Whose huffing and puffing – about a bad day or a bad season of life or about how hard it is to be a wolf in this world – is making the little pigs in earshot very much afraid. I am guilty of complaining so loudly that people around me are likely to start reinforcing the walls of their homes to protect them from being blown down. The path towards joy is a blurry one and it often feels like we are begging the winds of change to blow in our favor. What we need to focus on is an eternal and internal Delight that promises that every thing in this life has a purpose. Even the wolf can walk away, leave the pigs alone, and find his happiness some place else. We will be so glad if ever we learn that what we need is inside of us working hard to make us smile regardless of what we may encounter along the way. Focus on peace and turn the huffing down for a day and see how well you and the little pigs will get along.

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