Looking at God Like my Dogs Look at Me.


I was talking to a lady that works in rescue with us the other day about what it must be like to be a dog. To have someone decide everything for you – when you eat, where you live, how your hair is cut, etc. – and to have to trust someone else to know what’s best for you. Why is it easier for our pets to put their faith in us than it is for us to put our faith in our Caretaker, the intentions of whom are always for our good? Why do we feel the constant need to get away from the hands that guide us, and yet our dogs are completely content to love us and let us love them forever? It has been said that we should have the faith of a child, but it is my current hope that I will one day look at my loving God in the same way that my dogs look at me – with absolute certainty that although the face I see before me may not necessarily be safe, it is most assuredly good.

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