Company of Contemplation


What is it about lullabies that make them the gatekeepers at the entryway of rest? Is it that the musical highs and lows are subtle and the tones are soft and smooth? Or is it that we find serenity in the company of contemplation? We all want to lay our heads down at night on a pillow that is stuffed with our own perceived sanity. Maybe the singer does use the instrument of voice so gently that it disturbs not the state of peacefulness that often accompanies sleep. But perhaps it is more cerebral than that…perhaps the lyrics of these simple songs are luring us into the drowsy belief that we are not alone. There is a chance that this isn’t about lullabies at all but about the fact that someone is singing – that there is another voice out there and another heart beating its way through life just as lonely and scared as you find yourself to be. Maybe once we start counting the people who are near us and on our side, we will find it is not nearly so difficult to count sheep as we once believed.

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