Humility in Winter


Be very careful when you begin looking for humility because the place where it is hidden is hard to reach and it will cost you yourself. You should not take the search for idols lightly. Once you start begging for the revelation and destruction of the things distracting you from Good Will, you might find that you are asking for your own demise. Isn’t it always we who are standing in the way of us? I wish I could say that it is because I don’t believe in myself. But, in fairness, I know that it is because I believe too much in myself. It is because of my belief that in exchange for my possession of intense work ethic that I am owed advantages and admiration that life’s secret whispers (meekness, humility, & gentleness) do not make it to my ears. What if compassion for others is just the frontman to passion for myself. What if I have twisted “the last shall be first” and made myself last because I believe it to be the fastest way to get to be first. There is a reason that Christians mostly quote scriptures that invoke their right to strength, empowerment, and reprieve – because we believe that we have outgrown “time out” or the need to “go to our room and think about what we’ve done”. The tricky part about humility is that if we think we don’t need it, then we are without it. Self-awareness is heartbreaking, but we cannot continue convincing ourselves that the obstacles that we encounter in our lives are meant to be steps on a ladder instead of mirrors. If we want humility, we will have to have the courage to face ourselves with nothing to hide. Callused hands and pretty words do not make us beautiful, but loving our weaknesses for the character that they build does. Monday morning might be too early to ask for bravery, but if we are honest with ourselves – it can’t wait.

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