Wedding March

“I just wanna hold your hand – hang on every word you say. Let’s write a song for us – and sing it till we’re old and gray.” – The Civil Wars
My mind is on my husband this morning. This is the song that played as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. I had no idea what I was walking into or what I was bringing along with me. In the three years since that day, I have encountered many things for which I was not prepared. So far, the beginning of year 4 has been filled with change and apologies, honesty and communication, and an abundance of the kind of love that overwhelms you – in the middle of the grocery store or in the bathroom while you’re brushing your teeth. When you work hard at your marriage – very, very hard- you can still get butterflies for the man who stole your heart and tucked it in for the safest and warmest sleep it has ever had. And the best part is…you never have to wake up!

Jake, you ruined my life. Oh my darling, thank you.

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