He Walked in our Shoes

blog 1
John 1:14 [portions added for effect]
Some days it is exceedingly difficult to keep Fear a safe distance away from my heart. Some days it seems impossible to keep Anxiety from settling down in my thoughts. And sometimes my very flesh is enough to break my soul apart. Because I want to be strong, because I long to be brave, and because I hope that I will one day become great; it is so hard to get through the days when none of that is true. We have to be continuously rescued – not once, but always- every second of every day AND WE HATE IT. We hate it and we need it and we are eternally adrift without it. My comfort for today is that the Higher Power who stole my heart has walked in the shoes of my humanity and while wearing the sandals of that free will, He never stepped outside of Fate’s way. It is for this that I can strive; on this that I can spend the entirety of my life – to be more like the Man that once lived and once died and lives still and always will. To know that I am known and that the shoes I have to put on each day have already been worn, is a solace like nothing I have yet known. My God is like me and better than me and that enough encouragement to me through a groggy Monday afternoon!

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