Whoever you are, you may be

We are filling our heads with noise. We are letting everyone and everything pull us in a million different directions because we would rather be pulled apart than left alone. We spend our lives meeting the superficial expectations of other people because at least that gives us something to do and makes us feel like our value is tangible. We are afraid that if we do the things we love with no one to impress, our value will be too subtle to be seen. This fear is justified. But why does our value have to be obvious in order to be true?

We are not like our brothers – the machines. We don’t come with instruction guides or repair manuals. If we are broken, we must find a way to fix ourselves. This can only be done in a workshop built with the timbers of true acceptance and the nails of self-love. We have to stop dreading the revelations that might come to us in the quiet moments of our lives, when the voices stop and we make them listen to us for once. We cannot keep pushing the stillness away because we are afraid that it will change us.

Genuine self-discovery requires long hours and courageous hearts. To sift through all the parts of ourselves which we developed solely out of a desire to feel safe in the chaos and find the parts that are pure and honest is no small feat. It will take our entire effort and it will consume every minute of the time that we ordinarily spend on trying to please other people. It is not nice to come out of the shadows and be seen, but it is necessary.

If we allow ourselves to come to the easel empty and blank, we will all become the artists of our own fate. We don’t have to let anyone push us into a path that isn’t ours to take. We don’t have to be frightened of our demons; for they hate to be seen above all. The moment – yes, the very second – that we finally see the serpent, he begins to dissolve into nothing. And when he has gone, we realize that we don’t like apples but we ate them anyway.

Order-lovers, free spirits, the mechanically minded, and gentle souls, the creators, the observers, and the candlestick makers – whoever you are, you may be. You are missing nothing and you need no additions to become complete. And if you find that you are afraid that this is not true, you must go into the dark corners of who you really are and shine a light. Reflection leads to detection and there are beautiful things hidden inside of us all, just waiting to be found. Be very quiet and listen closely to your Heartbeat. It will tell you what to do. 

Phantom falling asleep

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