The easiest question I have ever been asked

June 4th, 2012 found me bursting at the seams with young and completely intoxicating love. When I looked down at my boyfriend and saw my great grandmother’s ring in his hand, I felt like my heart would leap out of my chest and into the little antique box he was holding. I thought it might tuck itself in under the single shimmering diamond and never come out again. When I agreed to marry the very best man I know, it felt like I was taking my first deep breath after barely breathing for my entire life. And so began the journey of two people who have needed each other and surprised each other; who have supported and encouraged and sometimes hurt one another; and who have loved each other carefully when compromise was difficult and zealously when it was impossible.

And now that our love is less young and less intoxicating, I know this to be true: that the heart I had on this day four years ago may have fit into a little antique box, but the heart that I have today is so loved – so completely loved – that all the boxes in the whole world couldn’t contain it if they tried. Because when a beautiful person gives you a beautiful ring, you feel like a little girl whose dreams are coming true. But when a beautiful man gives you himself every single day, you feel like a woman whose dreams are asleep in the bed beside you. This was by far the easiest question I have ever been asked. Yes, yes, and yes.

My great grandmother’s ring and the man who gave it to me. 

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