A Hashtag World

It took me far too long in life to figure out that the only best friend that I needed was the one who believed in our friendship so much that he asked me to marry him and be his friend forever. It can be hard when everyone is filling their social media platforms with hashtags like #squadgoals and #bestfriendsforever to recognize that you don’t have to be surrounded by people to be surrounded by love. I could sit on my porch and talk to my husband, watching happily as all of the hours of our whole lives pass by and we start to turn grey, because he is brilliantly weird, painfully funny, and wonderfully right for me. I could cherish every minute of forever as long as my most treasured friend is by my side. My husband is the loveliest companion I have ever known and he is more than enough comfort in a hashtag world full of people wishing that they weren’t alone.

hashtag world
the loveliest companion


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