Not your Disney heroine’s “let it go”

We need to let go of the notion that we don’t deserve happiness because of the things we did before we understood our issues, our pain, or our worth in this world enough to reasonably cope with the ever-forwardness of life.

We need to release the resentment that we are harboring towards ourselves that is rendering us cognitive paralytics and lay bare the lie that we are comfortable being controlled by substances, emotions, people, or grief.

We have to quit this ridiculous habit that we have developed of simply accepting our fate because we believe that we are being punished; that we somehow deserve to be sick, unstable, unhealthy, or mocked.

We need to abandon society’s unforgiving standards that tell us to hate our uniqueness and keep it covered up; to be disgusted with ourselves because confidence is like cheating the system somehow.

We have to forsake the expectation that recovery is happy all of the time. Because sometimes the edges of the mouth that curl into a smile on a good day are heavier than the weight of every other burden we are carrying on a bad one.

We have to liberate ourselves from our phobia about failure. Fear is a detour on the road to wholeness and we cannot afford to get off of the path and lose our way. We have yet ahead of us so many exit ramps which we must not take before we can arrive safely at Peace.

We have to stop measuring success by how many bad days we have and start measuring it by how far we come on the good days. We have to believe in ourselves and believe that we are really the people we choose to be when we are at our best, not the people that the bad day mirror tells us that we are. Reflections can be so easily skewed by our apprehension about seeing before us the exact person that we are working so hard not to be.

We’ve got to be brave enough to get lost sometimes. Trying to fit inside of a box is painful work, but trying to fit into a whole wide world with no boxes and no rules is even harder. The truly free spirit finds her comfort in the space between stereotypes and stigmas. She is comfortable in the emptiness and finds filling it up with her true self to be life’s greatest adventure. She is too complex for labels, so she refuses to wear one.

Wild hearts, we must first leave the doorstep to find out if we can survive in the wilderness. Let’s do something crazy – let’s just be ourselves and love ourselves and find out where it takes us. Never surrender. Never look back!

fabric squares from my craft box

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