The Exciting Things in Life Will Also Be Difficult

They don’t tell you that the exciting things in life will also be difficult. Being married, buying a house, changing jobs, going on trips, making plans for the future…these have been some of the best and simultaneously hardest adventures in my life (you don’t have to say “wait till you have kids” because we hear that enough to know that it probably applies here too). If we are honest, we will admit that we want these instagramble moments in life and we pressure ourselves to have them. But buying a newer house with a bigger mortgage is scary and loving someone with everything you have is exhausting and sometimes vacations make you hate each other. If you ask me, life is really about getting through the exciting things and coming home to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and your loved ones and just listening to the way your trees move in the wind. God, help us to get through the milestones so we can enjoy the open road.

I have white hairs on my head 

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