Louisiana Grown

I spent a lot of years hating where I came from and trying my hardest to move away from it. This morning as I look out on Crump Acres I feel really grateful for the culture of front porches, strong coffee, and southern charm. It has taken me years to discover that you don’t always have to run away from home to be the man or woman that you want to be. Some folks will never belong in their hometown, but some folks just need to work a little harder at it. You can choose which aspects of your roots you want to carry with you and which aspects you want to leave behind. You cultivate your own legacy by sifting through the impressions that your neighbors have made on you and finding out what kind of impact you want to leave on others. There are so many things that I loved about my upbringing, but communing with God over a cup of coffee and thick pine trees is at the top of the list this morning. Totally invested but always changing – I am celebrating my Louisiana grown independence today.

We lovingly titled our new home Crump Acres.

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