Sin and Ancient Trees

Give Me Jesus Journal at Crump Acres

Some sins are like the weeds that shoot up in the yard, seemingly overnight, when the grass hasn’t been mowed in a while. They look pretty at first glance, but they die quickly and effortlessly with one pluck. Other sins are like the ancient trees that have been deeply rooted and growing on this Earth longer than we have. They are thick and tough; and they are extremely painful to remove. Those sins – the ones that seem to have no origin but have simply always been with us – feel like they are a part of our DNA. To try to remove them from our flesh, feels like trying to remove a limb from our body or lop off a piece of our brain. So we let them sit in the darkness and grow. We try not to look at them and it is easier with the lights off. But one day, we notice that the vines on those ancient trees are creeping into other areas of our lives. The evil that we locked away has started to break through the walls and windows of our hearts and homes. We are snagging our clothes on the branches of our hidden sins and still trying to pretend that they don’t exist. We are terrified of confession because we know that when we turn on the lights, we will see the enormity of what has been growing in the darkness. God, grant us the courage to see our ancient sins and the strength cut them down.

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