Obedience Puzzle

Honey latte @ Hidden Grounds La. Check out this journal and other helpful tools for diving into the Word here.

If obedience is a puzzle, I am always looking for the picture on the front of the box. I am searching for something that justifies a corner piece, followed by a middle piece, followed by a piece that doesn’t seem to fit in the puzzle at all. As if for the first time, I present to God the three letter question that all parents grow weary of hearing from their children. WHY? When he says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light, he means that the part he places on me is light. It’s not that the burden he carries for me is light nor the yoke of my future easy, but that he won’t put the weight of all of those things on the shoulders of a child. The whole puzzle is too much for me to carry, so he gives me a few pieces and asks me to place them where he says. And if I never understand the pieces I am given or how they fit into the bigger picture, I will be obedient with what I have. Even if I never see the finished puzzle, the pieces that I place are necessary. 

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