God’s Gentle Patting

Kincaid Lake Recreational Area – Kisatchie National Forest

My friend, the kind of mom you read about in parenting books, was talking about her kids; and I couldn’t help but connect certain aspects of her love for them to the love of a paternal God. She explained how she would let her daughters cry for a certain amount of time. And if they were still upset; she would go into their room and pat them gently, reminding them that she was there. Doesn’t God do this with us? Doesn’t He let us learn to soothe our pain and yet somehow still comfort us when we are afraid? Doesn’t He pat us gently and whisper in our ears the kind of things that mothers whisper to babies half asleep, to lull them back into the comfort and safety of their dreams? When something opportune occurs on an otherwise average day; isn’t that God’s way of saying He heard our cries and has come to our bedside? God is not just radical; He is gentle. He is rearing us with both a firm hand and the quiet pats of evening sleep. He reminds us that we are not forsaken, teaches us to rest through the darkness, and lulls is into peaceful dreams. He knows what we need and when to come to the crib of his child. He is whispering comfort in our ears and patting us softly. Always present, without fail, He is a good father. 

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