The Man With The Slot on His Back

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
A quiet afternoon at Crump Acres

When you’re a kid with a coin, there are basically two things that you can do. You can throw your coin in a fountain, where it will immediately be lost in a copper field at the base of the water. And make a wish. Or you can put it in a slot in the back of a pig to keep it safe. Neither of these seem like sane choices; but we can identify with the struggle. Our currency is the heart, but our decision is the same. We can throw our heart into a fountain that will lose it in the crowd. Or we can place it carefully in the narrow slot on the spine of a deserving pig. Because luck is risky and the fountain will lose count of the coins you have given it; be careful with your heart. Drop it in the belly of a pig that will cherish and protect that investment. And when it’s your turn, don’t splash water on the coins that people give you. Hold them close. Take them out and count them daily. Know their value and yours. Wishes are poor substitutes for the enduring comfort of a loyal pig. I am exceedingly thankful, today and always, for the man with a slot on his back who taught me how much my heart is worth.

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