Advocate or Abdicate

image1 (1)
Happy corner at Crump Acres

Advocate or abdicate? The voice inside your head,
The one that poses questions which you have come to dread,
Asks this one with clarity, without even a stutter.
You hear it in your gut, but you long for another.
It never stops asking, though you choose to ignore
The question you have felt inside many times before.
When you see injustice that exists in your own yard
You choose to simply abdicate, for advocating’s hard.
But closed eyes have memories and still shed tears
For cries that have fallen on tightly plugged ears.
The crimes that are committed under your silent watch
Will tuck you into bed each night, your quiet debauch.
Do not indulge too long on the distance that you keep
From those that are suffering and the sound of their weep.
For pain is an infectious, quickly-spreading disease,
That even the most cowardly will soon be forced to see.

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