Just Standing

A graduation gift from a mentor who taught me so much.

Are you ever just standing? I don’t mean leaning leisurely under the shade of a giant tree; or at the base of some magnificent thing that you are observing. I mean just standing. Like you are at the edge of a bridge, a sturdy one – not the kind you are afraid will give way beneath you, but you don’t cross over. Or like you got to the top of the slide and just stood there, looking at it. And you can feel the glare of everyone who wants to have a go at the big and beautiful parts of life burning into your back. They want to pursue their dreams, down the slide and across the bridge, and you are just standing. They will count to three and try to push you down and across the threshold into the future. They will say “the first step is the hardest” and they are lying. The first step is hard, but so is the rest. If you were to look back once you were halfway across or freeze time mid-slide and look back at the top; you would find the next person in line standing there, afraid to move just like you were a few moments ago. We are all afraid of our daydreams when the time comes to make them real. If you are standing on the brink of something important, it’s ok to take your time. You do not have to be moving to be important. If you are in a phase of waiting, use that stillness to find things inside of you or around you that you never thought to look for in the hustle. If you are walking into your destiny, w a l k  s l o w l y. If you pause in the middle of your pursuit of happiness, look around. Life is full of pause and play, rewind and stop. But whatever you do or don’t do, make every minute count. The minutes grow shorter as we grow older; and we still have so much to learn.

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