Wind-Up Toy

Artsy coffee spill from my favorite local joint and lyrics from “Weep With Me” By Rend Collective

When suddenly, one day, it was quiet her mind
She heard a strange thumping noise, familiar and kind
A wind-up toy that found herself suddenly unwound
Could hear, or feel, an almost undetectable sound
Pounding in a chest more used to hearing cymbals clang
The toy began to weep. Through tears of sorrow she sang,
“I have often wondered what it felt like to be real
But I had no idea how much it would hurt to feel
How can I keep singing with this pain inside my chest?
Will anyone sing with me this song of brokenness?”
Then she begged to be wound up and left alone once more
And finished out her days making noise instead of war
With the banging of the shields she carried near her chest
She drowned out the thumping and her fear of loneliness
But it never stopped beating, the heart inside the toy
Those who listen closely for it can still hear its voice
It sings ever gently in the songs of our lament
Always weeping, always singing over our torment
Your song was always meant to be sung as a duet
He will sing it with you, harmonize with your regret
You cannot hope to clang away your affliction song
And slip away from sight as just a resounding gong
You are seen and you are heard, if not by ears of men
Then by a weeping Father, our Comforter and Friend
Put the cymbals down, for you are not a wind-up toy
It is only through the rain of tears, that we grow joy

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