Every Other Line: An Ode to Type One

“Nevertheless she persisted” necklace was a gift from my husband when I graduated with my master’s degree. 

Every other line of the dialogue in my head
Is criticism both of me and from me
Not quite good enough or strong enough yet
Attempting to make something lovely
Afraid of myself, haunted more by my shadow
Unaffected by most of the horrors
Inner critic is raging, impatient and thorough
Yet always the champion of others
Critiquing the person inside my reflection
Finding meaning in trials and pain
Lost in the fear of mistakes and rejection
Unwavering constant, remains
“Nevertheless she persisted” it read
I truly wanted to believe
But there’s a battle inside of my head
Sometimes it’s hard to see
That every other line I write
Is me versus me
And every other line I read
Is one I should believe

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