You Are Safe. Keep Digging.

Copyright Erica Curtis Photography

You are safe. Whatever you find, when you begin to look inward will not break you. When you have to tear down walls that you have been building since childhood needs were left unmet, keep going. When you are afraid of the new wounds you will get as you tend to old wounds that were never cared for properly, don’t quit. When you are on the brink of revelation, dig deep and find whatever is hiding under years of settled dust. We have let the dust land between our gears and erode our ability to function. In our resilience, we survived it all. But in our reflection, we see areas of our existence where surviving outweighed thriving. And we don’t do the work of forgiving ourselves and those who shaped us for how we turned out. We are running on fumes, but never stopping to fill up again. If we, your community, aren’t holding you up in such a way that you believe your world is stable and can withstand your questions, we are not loving you well enough. It’s your job to dig until you find the fossils of things that were left inside of you to die. And it’s our job to hold the flashlight when it gets too dark to see the dirt in front of you. Don’t be afraid. You are safe. Keep digging.

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