Addressing the Roots

Hidden Grounds coffee shop on a pretty fall day.

We have been working hard on our marriage for seven years. But we have been working really hard on ourselves to make our marriage better for the last year. That might seem like semantics, but it’s not. For a very long time, we tried to fix everything that was broken in our marriage by suffocating ourselves under forced reactions to natural problems. Then, through therapy and emotional overtime, we started addressing the roots of the trees that were casting shadows on our marriage. And then, I got to know my husband in a new light. I have loved him for eight years, but now I am really seeing him and he is really seeing me. Even though we are celebrating our seventh anniversary today, I am still so excited about what I will discover about my husband in the years to come. I never could have found the courage to dig deep and fight my demons without him holding my hand and reassuring me that I was safe. Happy Anniversary to the best fella, who makes me the best version of myself.

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