You Are Safe. Keep Digging.

You are safe. Whatever you find, when you begin to look inward will not break you. When you have to tear down walls that you have been building since childhood needs were left unmet, keep going. When you are afraid of the new wounds you will get as you tend to old wounds that were never cared for properly, don’t quit. When you are on the brink of revelation, dig deep and find whatever is hiding under years of settled dust. … More You Are Safe. Keep Digging.

Hide and Seek: What We Are Really Hiding

Life is a game of Hide and Seek that never ends. We hide the things that might be perceived as disadvantage, disability, or dysfunction and seek what we perceive to be perfection in someone else’s life. We are afraid because recovery comes swaddled in blankets of stigma and it isn’t trendy to be mentally ill, differently-abled, or in pain.

So we hide. … More Hide and Seek: What We Are Really Hiding