Empty Pockets

I reached the end of the longest road
And found a tollbooth there
Asking each who tried to cross
To pay a handsome fare
I dug in pockets that once were full
In search of something round
But empty hands came out the same
No payment could be found … More Empty Pockets

Grace, Love, and Light

Goodness wants to be found, but we are too pessimistic some days to see it. We have treated an ominpresent God like He is tangible and tame. He is showing Himself to us in the misty mornings, in the midst of our pain, and in the sunshine we missed. … More Grace, Love, and Light

A Staring Contest with Grace

I have found inside the deep black pupil of Forgiveness’ eye a longing for me that makes my chest hurt. He waits for me and woos me and he believes that I am worthy. This – the staring contest that I did not knowingly enter, the one that will last forever – is changing me. I turn my eyes. I blink. I cry. I close them as tight as I can and when I open them again, Grace has not left me. I tell him that he has won and that I have failed. But he does not look away. … More A Staring Contest with Grace


I am finding that reverence does not come naturally to me. I have become so comfortable with the luxury of God’s grace that I have forgotten to be humbled by the miracle of forgiveness that exists to hold that relationship in place. There is such splendor in the world, such majesty in the nature of … More Reverence