I Am Tired

It’s been a long year and I am tired. I have this sinking feeling, a familiar one, that the fire is going out. I see how other people burn and I remember that flame in myself. When I was younger, it seemed like I was constantly ablaze. And now life has slowed me down; which burns in a different way. I am afraid of growing old quietly. There is as much pain and injustice in the world now as there was when I took these pictures over a decade ago; but I am gentler now. … More I Am Tired

Advocate or Abdicate

Advocate or abdicate? The voice inside your head,
The one that poses questions which you have come to dread,
Asks this one with clarity, without even a stutter.
You hear it in your gut, but you long for another.
It never stops asking, though you choose to ignore … More Advocate or Abdicate

Seek Justice

It has been my temptation of late to take the easy route to sanctification. I have sat on the cushion of complacency for far too long. The muscles of change inside of me have forgotten what it is like to care for those less fortunate. This call to action was deeply convicting for me today. … More Seek Justice