Addressing the Roots

For a very long time, we tried to fix everything that was broken in our marriage by suffocating ourselves under forced reactions to natural problems. Then, through therapy and emotional overtime, we started addressing the roots of the trees that were casting shadows on our marriage. And then, I got to know my husband in a new light. … More Addressing the Roots

Self-esteem Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Some days, I feel lost in my own maze. I find myself frequently caught in the middle of moods that surround me on all sides, blocking my view of the sun. The days in my marriage that are hardest for me are the ones when it feels like something is “off” but nothing actually is. I have spent countless hours trying to bottle all the parts of our best days, so I could clone them later. But you can’t grow happiness in a jar. It can only be found in the wild. The movement and passion of organically grown joy has no synthetic equal. … More Self-esteem Doesn’t Grow on Trees

I Built A Suit Of Armor

Last night, while in the comfort of an office I have grown to love, I found myself simultaneously in a room full of people that were laughing at me. I was on my therapist’s couch but I was also frantically trying to find out what everyone was laughing at. I was begging familiar faces of people that I love and trust to explain what I had done wrong. But no one would. And that’s when my brain built a suit of armor. … More I Built A Suit Of Armor

The Exciting Things in Life Will Also Be Difficult

They don’t tell you that the exciting things in life will also be difficult. Being married, buying a house, changing jobs, going on trips, making plans for the future…these have been some of the best and simultaneously hardest adventures in my life (you don’t have to say “wait till you have kids” because we hear … More The Exciting Things in Life Will Also Be Difficult

Wedding March

My mind is on my husband this morning. This is the song that played as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. I had no idea what I was walking into or what I was bringing along with me. In the three years since that day, I have encountered many things for which … More Wedding March