Too Grateful for Words

To reach down into the hole that I dug for myself and offer me holiness, is unpredictable, inexplicable, and counter-human. The God I have come to know and love is unfathomably charitable in the face of all of my sickness, and for that I am too grateful for words. … More Too Grateful for Words

A Staring Contest with Grace

I have found inside the deep black pupil of Forgiveness’ eye a longing for me that makes my chest hurt. He waits for me and woos me and he believes that I am worthy. This – the staring contest that I did not knowingly enter, the one that will last forever – is changing me. I turn my eyes. I blink. I cry. I close them as tight as I can and when I open them again, Grace has not left me. I tell him that he has won and that I have failed. But he does not look away. … More A Staring Contest with Grace

Let the Past Sleep

The powerful thing about redemption is that it is contagious. Standing on the promise of a brighter day, is the perfect place to view the darkness that covers the faces of our neighbors. They are desperate, like you, and yearning to make use of past failures. We are so often guilty of believing that two … More Let the Past Sleep