Commitment to Community

I have not always been merciful to my community and it has not always been kind to me. I have doubted its loyalty and distanced myself from the possibility of pain. I have shown up unwilling to work or waver in my stubbornness. I have listened to the lies that my feelings told and let them rot and spoil in the dampness of my mind. I have not treated my community‚Äôs wounds because I believed that it had earned them. But I am committed to my community as a wife commits to her husband. … More Commitment to Community

I own my Trespasses

If you cracked open my transgressions and saw their very core, I believe you would find in everything I have ever done wrong one common origin – the lust for control. It is the epicenter of my shame, insecurity, fear of failure, obsession with having a plan, my ache for answers, and my cheap attempts … More I own my Trespasses